Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Bed Bugs Were Hiding

Tomorrow we leave for Annapolis.  I'll be staying one night with my sister, then going to a business meeting in Baltimore on Friday.  
Friday night, a hotel.  A very nice hotel, I might add.

I have a confession to make.  I'm a freak when it comes to staying at hotels.  If I see one hair in the sink I'm ready to ring the desk and see about changing rooms.  
And smell is everything.  If it smells disgusting, then it  is disgusting.  As for the bedspreads... they're folded down immediately since I figure they're not fresh and clean like the sheets.  
 I have many a hotel horror story.  I remember one where we had just settled in and the commode overflowed.  When I called room service they came up and sopped up the wet floor  with...  you guessed it...  GUEST TOWELS>  The very towels we dried our faces and hands with were being used to clean up bathroom waste.  Ick.  
But even more troubling nowadays is the big pandemic of...   

I now scope out the ceilings, corners, underneath the bedding etc.  making sure there is no sign of those pesky critters. I've heard they climb out at night and suck the blood from your legs and arms.   I would die!!!  
I've stayed in some really nice hotels in my travels and some real dives as well.  What's the worse hotel ever, you say?  Well...  Let me tell you about Hornes.  
On our trip to Florida in '07 Uncle Victor set us up in what he referred to as a real bargain and a nice place.  

The sign said it was clean, air conditioned, had color T.V. and a POOL>  Who could want for anything more?  
"Let's not take our bags in just yet..."  Gary said.

The thick 2 inch stained, foam yellow mattress was more than we could ever hope for.  I wish I would have taken a picture...

I could tell it was a real fun place...  there were two truckers chug-a-lugging a case of beer and throwing their cans in the fungi infested pool, and a pile of pillows were heaped in front of the door next to ours, probably belonging to the hotels only other guests - the two truckers.   It was obvious that lot of partying went on in these rooms, the smell along with the spills on the carpet would attest to that.

I was a little leery about the wiring.  A possible fire hazard?

 "Gary, can't we at least stay long enough to soak in the tub a while?"

There was a no refund policy.  We felt bad that Uncle Victor had been taken advantage of...  but we decided it was in our best interest to cut our losses and go to the Hampton Inn down the road.  We didn't tell him.

This hotel was bad.  Really bad.  Even the bed bugs were hiding.


  1. Yuck! That looks just awful Bobbi... so glad you didn't stay there!... I am the same way about cleanliness... it's an obsession I am sure, but that's ok, at least the bed bugs won't get us!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Next time down Uncle Vic told us to pick our own hotel...I think he realized after the fact the place was a dump.Oh yea! that reminds me,a few years back I bought Bobbi a "Bed in a bag" I told her then she would never use it.Bingo...still in the bag :)

  3. Those were some very smart bugs to hide so you cannot see them.

    How about mice? Do you like little mices?
    We stayed in a very nice place,,,, we brought fresh fruit from home,, and during the nite, a couple little mice ate part of my peach.
    I know they were the happiest mice in the world.

  4. EW! Pretty bleep bad, there, Bobbi! We have stayed in lots of places and except for the room where it was smelling so bad of mold, I believe your room takes the prize! We have gotten rooms that smelled so bad of smoke, mold, etc. Now we ask for a non-smoking handicap room. They are usually the cleanest. Never did encounter bed bugs. We now look at the room before we pay anything!

    Have a great trip and a good experience! Be safe!

  5. We had a bad experience once too! The motel had a hole in the wall and it reeked of smoke. We had requested a non-smoking room. We did not stay there, we went down the road and found another place to stay! The idea of bed bugs makes my skin crawl!

  6. I'm exactly like you when it comes to a hotel! We've driven across the US twice and I could tell you about a couple of places that I would rather just forget...But all in all, we've mostly stayed at some places that I felt like I didn't have to worry. I hope you have a wonderful time, and your hotel is perfect! You know, Baltimore is my neck of the woods--I love the city, there's so much to do and really cool places to see and eat at too!! ~Enjoy!!~

  7. I'm like you about hotels. It does not take much to turn my stomach!!!

  8. At last! Someone with a phobia like mine! I will not stay in a hotel unless there's an emergency. Even four star hotels have bed bugs, they are saying that price makes no difference. Dr. Oz had a show all about it. He said don't use their pillow, remove the spread, the ice buckets are always very dirty, and so are the glasses they have, those are wiped out with a damp rag, often the same one that has been used for filthy things. Don't use their glasses or ice-bucket. Remove the sheets and look for signs of bedbugs. I saw on the news about people who are suing because the bed bugs followed them home they had to throw out all their clothes, bed and bedding, they were covered with bites and lost their jobs. Oh, also the remotes and phones are filthy. And the maids almost never clean them.

  9. I have the same thoughts about hotels Bobbi now especially since the bed bug infestation has hit the states. I will tell you a secret, I bring my own sheets and towels. lol Now I bet you think I am so weird, but truth is I am such a clean freak. lol
    I inspect the rooms and if not to satisfaction we move, and I have a daughter who is worse than I am about cleanliness. lol.
    Good luck with your trip, I am sure everything will be fine.

  10. I sure am with ya on this one!

  11. I hope the one you are going to proves better than THAT one!!! Yikes! Yes, we have been in some pretty disgusting ones too.But, luckily in some fantastic ones. Good luck Bobbi!

  12. You just made me belly laugh really deep. I have been to cousins of Horns along my travels and there is nothing like it. Hubby and I went to the beach last summer and rented a wonderful looking hotel according to the website. When we got there I quickly told him I wouldn’t have stayed at this place during Senior Week in 1987. We headed for the door. Great post!

  13. That's a pretty nasty hotel. Yuck... I would've have been afraid of that bathroom!

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