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Good Old-Fashioned Common Sense

Sometimes I wish I would have went to college and learned more.  I'd love be be able to better express the way I feel...  to remember detailed, important stuff... to use the right words...  to make the thoughts in my heart and the knowledge in my head come out in a way that would make sense and be impressive.  Maybe college would have helped...

Always a slow learner, I struggled most of my life in everything new.  People generally don't look at you as someone of importance unless you have some kind of degree. That's just the way life is.

Shhh...  don't tell my dog that.  She thinks I hung the moon....

Certain things have come to me naturally, like knowing and loving God, and being a wife and a mom - all of those things, a piece of cake.

But that doesn't mean I've not messed up in even those things...  thank God for forgiveness.

In a day when women are all about careers and finding their place in the world, I found that I didn't fit in.  I had to work hard to get…