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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Who went to Niagra Falls?

Not Jack, Jessica, and Jasper...
Not Jake...

Not Gary and not me...

Aha!  Lindsey, her husband Robby,
and Rissi and Summer went to Niagra Falls...

That's all I have.

Dear Diary,
I am feeling good!  I don't have to pee all the time like I did before I went to get my belly cut open.  I can play with Wally and Piggy now.  I can run and jump and play and go for walks.   Now the bad news.  It's back to work for me- Watching the house.  I watch the house.  The nag yells at me for watching the house.  "GRACIE DO YOU HAVE TO BARK AT THE MAILMAN? THE UPS MAN?  THE GIRL CROSSING THE STREET? THE MAN THREE BLOCKS DOWN WALKING HIS DOG?"  Hey...  Just doing my job... and she's doing hers. N.A.G.  Gracie.