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Opinions. Facts. Facebook. Disagreements. Left. Right. Yadda~Yadda~Yadda

Once again, Facebook has become a battleground for political argument.  And yes, I get sucked right into the drama as I feel the need to share my opinion and thoughts as well.  

I respect deeply everyones right to their own opinions, thoughts, beliefs etc.  So I rarely share my 2 cents worth on someone else's fb post if it goes against what I believe is right and true.  Let them have their own circle of friends high-five them on what they believe to be right.   Who wants argument!  

If the posts that I share are offensive in any way to anyone, then I would hope that the opposing opinion would unfollow me.  (I learned this is possible last year after it was too late - when I un-friended 3/4 of my Facebook friends because of political differences in hopes for a more peaceful Facebook experience)   Un-friending leads to hard feelings and sadly,  relationships with family are affected.  Now, if I do not want to see a friends posts, I just un-follow them.  Still friends. Just in disagr…