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Letters To Home

The top 10 things I learn from reading Dad's letters to home as he served in the  Navy in WWII are as follows:

1.  He was extremely homesick

2.  He was excited about the movie machine that they got on board his ship.

3. He wished he had a camera so that he could take pictures of the devastation that he witnessed there.

4.  He sold cigarettes to the Japanese for a high profit.

5.  He wished he would have married my mom (his then girlfriend) when he was home on leave, so he could go home sooner. (haha!)

6. His penmanship leaved a lot to be desired.

7. He had a love for animals.

8. He sometimes wrote late at night.

9.  He was lonely.

10.  He ended most letters with, "Don't forget to write often."

Dear Dad,

You don't know me yet, but I will be your fifth child.  I will be named after you and Mom and the last "planned" child.  Two brothers will follow.  I really enjoy reading your letters to home and  I am feeling that emptiness that you have…