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For This We Pay Big Bucks?

Since we married in 2002, Gary and I have put aside THIS WEEK as our time together.  Alone.  No worries. No kids. No dogs. No family or friends.  No evil ex's or disgruntled customers.   No laundry or dishes.  No conferences or meetings.  No deadlines or phone calls.   Just Amish strangers in Ohio, Dorothy and Toto in Indiana, the sun setting on Lake Michigan, countless things to do, and an entire seven days with not a care in the world.

Unfortunatly this year has not been profitable.
 In addition to sales being way down, Gary's ex keeps wanting more and more money for their soon-to-be 18 year old daughter's child support + psychology bills + private Christian school tuition .... 
 This whole child custody/support thing has made Gary pretty sick with his Crohn's and the family courts refuse to acknowledge that he's no longer able to work full time. 
The X keeps taking him back to court for more and more money, and he now owes tens of thousands of dollars on charge car…