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Just me.. 'n Gracie

copying from Ginny's blog:

About Me from A to Z

A.  Me:  when I was little I was Afraid of the dark.
      Gracie:  Antsy.  someone! Take me for a walk!

B.  Me:  I used to be extremely Bashful.
     Gracie:  Bad to the Bone (or so I'm told).

C.  Me:  Cautious
      Gracie:  Curious

D.  Me:  I've always loved Dimples.
      Gracie:  I like Dragging mom along with me on my walks.

E.  Me:  I had Eye surgery on both of my eyes when I was in second grade.
      Gracie:  When it's hot,  I don't have much Energy.

F.  Me:  I have flat Feet.
      Gracie:  Food.  'nuff said.

G.  Me:  I find walking in the Grave Yard to be peaceful.
      Gracie:  Wally Gator.  My best friend and enemy.

H.  Me:  I Hate it when one person hurts another!
       Gracie:  Hotdogs.

I.  Me:  I get Irritable when I'm without chocolate for too long.
    Gracie:  Mom gets Irate when I lunge at guests.

J.  Me:  I'd be lost without Jesus!
    Gracie:  I can still Jump on the bed but somet…