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Bee-utiful Day

It was one of those heavenly days and we were off to Springs Pa. for the Springs Folk Festival.  I'll have to admit..   Last years festival was better.  

Why?  Two words.  
Bees and heat.  

One of my favorite things to do is stop at the many yard sales along the way.  My #1 mission today was to find a crib set for the new baby.   I purchased the sweetest crib set for just $3 at the very first yard sale.  Then the bees chased me to my car.

 I found a very nice pack n play for $10 and a like-new car seat for $8.  And much more!   Yard-sale wise..   today was a big success!

We only stayed at the Festival long enough for me to get my favorite...  a slice of homemade bread with apple butter.  I traded the usual hot vegetable soup for homemade ice cream.  

Gary had a burger and fries...

We made a bee-line for the car to get away from the bees. Pun intended.