Sunday, August 18, 2013

Goodbye Garden... Hello Pool

We decided to get rid of our garden....

And replace it with a pool!

Makes more sense, right?

Don't worry.  The little ones won't be able to climb up with the ladder cover on.

But they sure are interested.

I see a Labor Day picnic / pool party in our near future.

Dear Diary,

News could not be better.  The back yard clothes line that I used to be tied to when I'd go outside... the one that I was scared of because of the awful noise every time I tried to run...   Is gone!  I now run free...  yipppee.   Trouble is, I can't see what's going on outside of my back yard for all the big white walls that surround it.   But.  I can still sniff.  And pee in private.  And run...  freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Gracie.

I'm Writing

I'm writing again!  It frees my soul from bottled up thoughts and memories.  This book will be titled GROWING OLD WITH GRACIE.  Every ...