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If Only We Could Purchase Time...

It has become very difficult to stay true to blogging lately.  I love to blog and visit those I've come to know and love.  But life has got in the way.  Facebook is easy and not nearly as time consuming, so I have been keeping up with that... kind of.  If you happen to have a FB page, please friend me!  
This is what we've been up to:
With Gary being retired, I am running the office on my own.  I do my own paperwork, marketing, testing, sales, service and answering the phone and scheduling.  I'm loving it, but suddenly, the office has become extremely busy.  It's a good thing...  I feel blessed to have such a productive business and to be helping people to hear better.  
The grandkids>   Jake is in soccer now and Rissi starts dance tomorrow.  Then there are sleepovers every now and again... though I haven't even had much time for them lately.

Gracie keeps me busy, of course.  She's my baby.
Gary and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday.  It w…