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If You Had You're Life To Do Over

 "If you had your life to do over again, is there anything you'd change?"

A lot of people would respond to that question by saying they would not change a thing...  because their past is what made them who they are today.

Good answer, though it's not the one I'd pick for me.  I like who I am.  But I think I could be better and I could have made more of a positive impact on those around me, had I made better choices and done things differently.  

But yesterday is gone.  Now, I am working on today.  

I Got Mail.  It's what I've been waiting for.  
Now I can move on with...  I'm sorry. 
 (You know I'd tell you if I could)  
So, what do you think...  if you had your life to do over again would you do anything differently? 
Dear Diary,I can't find..  a place for my bone...

that is safe...  
where she won't find it...

I dig and I dig and then I bury it under pillows and under blankets but she still finds it.  Then I look for a b…