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Out With the Old and in with the New!!

Out with the old...

And in with the New!

My husband bought me a new car for our 10-year anniversary!

We celebrated once again by going to Bob Evans for some good down home cookin'.

When the car salesman went over all the workings of the car with me earlier today, I was pretty sure I had it all down.  It's impossible to lock the keys in the car.  As a matter of fact, you don't even need keys to start it up.  As long as the 'key thingy' is in your purse, inside the car, you just push the button and the car starts up.  Push it again and it shuts off.

When we got to Bob Evans Gary and Rissi went ahead while I made sure all was locked up on my new car.  But something was wrong!!  It wouldn't lock!!  What?  A lemon??


You push a button to start it.  You push a button to turn it off as well.  I forgot to push the button when I got out so the car was still running and I didn't even know it.  LOL  The safety feature would not let me walk away or lock it as lo…