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My Routine.

I rarely sleep past 7AM ~ thanks to Gracie's paw in my face; she's my alarm clock.  If I open my eyes, move my foot, clear my throat or even sigh anywhere from 6:30 to 7AM Gracie pounces to the head of the bed and lets me know that she's awake as well.

Before my feet hit the floor I thank the Lord for all He has given me and ask forgiveness for yesterdays blunders.
It's a new day.  I will choose my words wisely, accomplish a lot, follow my diet, lose weight, and look and feel better.  Every morning I'm ready for a new challenge.

First ~ bathroom.  Then the lamps go on, the curtains open, coffee is poured, orange juice and a Centrum Silver for women go into a glass so the vitamin will dissolve by the time I'm ready to drink it.  (I hate swallowing pills!)

Gracie stretches with her little cottontail butt in the air, well rested and ready to help me 'go outside to get the paper'.
Then I give her 2 small treats which she eats right away.

With n…