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Political Post! Beware! Read at Your own Discretion!

I heard all the propaganda from both sides.Obama was evil, and the possible anti-christ and Romney was only interested in rich people. Obama stood up for many of the things I felt were biblically wrong.But then again, with Romney... we all know that just because one seems Christian doesn’t mean he holds true to his faith.I decided I would observe both parties more closely.I am, after all, a girl who has been known to change her mind a time or two.
The TV ads were all the same.First Obama put Romney down, then visa versa.Ugh!
The presidential debates were more enlightening.There I saw our president lie.I’m sure the other candidate told some whoppers as well…but I couldn’t prove it.But Romney seemed more like a leader.He talked about the importance of jobs and how he was going to create more jobs.To me, this is important.I have too many family members living off of welfare, food stamps, and government help.It’s more profitable for them to ‘not work’ than to work.It kills their self est…