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The Long, Long Day

Yesterday was quite long, as we drove to Baltimore to pick up #1 Son and then back home.  The first thing I noticed upon entering the hospital was the smell.  I'm not sure if I liked or disliked the smell but it was different.  Jack was in the old part.  The building did not lack character.  My surroundings caused my mind to wander ... I'd been swept back in time...  placed in the middle of a 50's movie of some kind.  It was interesting.  Jack wasn't ready, so it was a waiting game in his room as nurses and doctors trickled in to remove picc line, tubes, etc. and go over orders with him before going home.  Our plan was to visit the Jesus statue and to stop by the pharmacy to pick up his meds on the way out.  
We did the pharmacy first.  The line was long.  So we waited.  Finally at the front of the line we found that his script was not called in.  So we contemplated on what could have possibly went wrong.  Where to go from here?  The hospital is huge!!!  We searched t…