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Because of the Smiles.

I ask myself why Why do I go through all this work for a simple 38th birthday celebration?  And what's with all the cars and construction work?  

The answer is simple.  The kids.  I love to see the kids laughing and excited.

Jake and Jasper's dad drives for Fed Ex... so I had to include the Fed Ex truck....

The kids had a blast though...

And I really had fun putting it all together

Looks like the FedEx truck might be stuck in a snow drift... lol

Jasper teases me all the time.  I'll ask him what my name is and he will say "Jim".  haha!  
So now, as soon as he sees me he wants gum.  And so I 'bribe' him.  "what's my name?" I say.  He gets this ornery big smile on his face and then (since he really wants the gum) he'll say "GRAMMY!"  Then, I say... "Do you love me?"  and he says "YES!" and he gives me the biggest hug!!  He's so cute.  
First, we sang happy birthday....

And then, one by one starting with th…