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Blaise Delfino. Remember the name.

In March we attended the Mid Atlantic Hearing Expo in Harrisburg Pa.  
While there, we received 13 CEU's, enjoyed really good food, met some interesting people, and learned a lot.
In the interesting people category,  we met a mother, father and son from Bethlehem, Pa.  A handsome, well mannered family, whom we were drawn to...
The type of people you meet and feel like you have  known all your life....  Gary gave them a copy of my book and they were so appreciative and thanked us over and over again. 
What intrigued me the most about this family was the son, who was exceptional in looks, manners, and respect.  It blessed my heart to see this young man following in his parents footsteps and becoming a successful business person. But what I did not know, until I returned home and Googled him, is that this young man is a musician as well.  
This guy is going to be famous someday!  He has everything it takes:  Talent, confidence, perseverance, good looks, dedication, drive, and a hear…