Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blaise Delfino. Remember the name.

In March we attended the Mid Atlantic Hearing Expo in Harrisburg Pa.  

While there, we received 13 CEU's, enjoyed really good food, met some interesting people, and learned a lot.

In the interesting people category,  we met a mother, father and son from Bethlehem, Pa.  A handsome, well mannered family, whom we were drawn to...

The type of people you meet and feel like you have 
known all your life....  Gary gave them a copy of my book and they were so appreciative and thanked us over and over again. 

What intrigued me the most about this family was the son, who was exceptional in looks, manners, and respect.  It blessed my heart to see this young man following in his parents footsteps and becoming a successful business person. But what I did not know, until I returned home and Googled him, is that this young man is a musician as well.  

This guy is going to be famous someday!  He has everything it takes:  Talent, confidence, perseverance, good looks, dedication, drive, and a heart for God.  

One day I will say...  " you mean Blaise Delfino?  Oh, yes...  I know him!"  

Now, picture this:  Gary and I sitting on the dusty floor of a place called the Living Room in Stroudsburg, Pa. ...  waiting to see Blaise do his set, and making it through a set of Scream-o that just about killed my eardrum > Yikes! And enjoying some other young people with amazing talent as well. 

 Yes, I needed help getting up when it was all over.  LOL!

We are Blaise's Golden Groupies. 

Check out this talent:  (the second video is the one I took from the floor of the Living Room)

Remember the name.  Blaise Delfino.


  1. He is talented and I feel sure we will be hearing a lot about him! Thx for sharing the videos.

  2. Enjoyed the videos. Talented for sure. Hope he goes places.

  3. Wow!! I like both songs! He writes his own songs? How very cool that you got to meet him. Does he have C.D's out?

  4. WOW... what a voice! I agree, HE is headed for the BIGS! Have a blessed day and thanks for sharing this wonderful music with me:) HUGS!

  5. Thank you for this beautiful write up, Bobbi! You are an amazing individual! My family and I are blessed to have met you and Gary. I hope to get together sometime this summer! Again, THANK YOU!!

    Also, thank you for all the kind comments, everyone! If you would like to hear more of my music, visit YouTube and Facebook! I also have an EP on iTunes! More original music will be released this summer! Thanks :)

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlaiseDelfinoMusic

    Twitter: @blaisedelfino

  6. Hi Bobbi, thank you for sharing Blaise's song. Music is his passion and will always be his passion. " It is through song that He is most delighted" Blaise has been blessed in so many ways throughout his musical journey. God has opened the doors of His choice and has closed those doors of destruction. My comment to Blaise has always been "In His Time" The beginning of his journey started in High School. One of the High School students died from an allergic reaction. Casey was a kind young lady, smart and an athlete. Everyone questioned why? I also had a connection because I taught Casey and her twin brother at CCD in first grade but Blaise was unaware of this at the time. Blaise was compelled to do something, he wrote the song Casey and sang it at her viewing. My hopes is that someday, he will record this song for the youth of today. I believe that Casey is watching Blaise form above. As always may God Bless you and yours+ Cheryl D

  7. Bobbi, this is wonderful. You have a great ear(no pun intended)....and can't wait to see him grow as the years go by!!


  8. Hi Bobbi! What a gorgeous voice Blaise has! And he is very easy on the eyes, too. ;0)

    Well, I'm a musician. And a Teacher. So there is a lot I would like to say to this young man that's brimming with charm and talent...but I'll sum it up by saying this "Blaise, seek the Lord with all your heart and you will be rewarded more than you could ever even imagine!"

    Thanks for sharing, Bobbi!



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