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I Can See Clearly Now

 My eyesight was getting horrible.  The left eye was blurry close up and blurry far away.  Glasses or contacts.  It didn't matter.  Life was a blur.

I blamed it on my dry eye.  But then I thought, could I be getting cataracts?  I know a number of people my age who have been down that road already.

So I bit the bullet and called for an appointment to have my eyes tested.  It's been a couple of years.  Guess it was time.  This time for convenience sake I tried the place up the road from where we live, about three minutes away.

The doc gave me a new prescription which included a Toric lens to compensate for the stigmatism in my left eye.  When I asked him about the possibility of my having cataracts he was quick to say that I am too young for that.    I like him.

After ordering a new pair of glasses, I brought home the new contact lenses that he wanted me to try out.  The next day, I put them in.  Everything is bright.  And clear.  And sharp.

I can see clearly now, the fall is…