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It was 2 years ago.  The day before Thanksgiving.  My appointment with the dermatologist after 2 long weeks of waiting and worrying was here.

The biopsy results were in.  I sat in the waiting room paging through a magazine, not thinking about what was inside, instead thinking about my life.  My death.  My family.

It was 5:30 PM and light had faded into darkness and I could see and feel the cold through the office windows.  It was a scary time in my life.  Thanksgiving Day was tomorrow, but I couldn't even think about it.  I was consumed.  What was in store for me if the biopsies had tested positive for the deadly melanoma?  I trembled inside of myself as the nurse called me back.

I sat in one room alone for a few minutes before she came back and said, "The doctor wants to talk to you in the other room."

I knew then, this could not be good.

I followed her to the next room, ready to accept my fate and praying for strength.

The doctor asked me to sit down.  He sat on a …