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Today In A Word: Chaotic

Yesterday the Bug Boys were here.  They drilled holes all around our house, then this morning came back and finished their task of 'termite prevention'.  

This morning Summer was here to hang out with me while her mommy attended Field Day at school with Rissi.

It was hot.  So I decided I would try out my new snow cone machine.  

I ended up transferring the ice to my Ninja instead.  Snow Cone machine =JUNK.  Ninja = AWESOME

Every time I looked out a window, I was face to face with one of the Bug Boys....

Though all the blinds and drapes were closed (Mad Dog prevention) Gracie found it amusing to tear through the house at breakneck speed barking non stop for 3 consecutive hours, sniffing under doors, and listening in between barks for any sign of strange talk from outside,  until the Bug Boys were gone.
 Meanwhile, I tried to amuse the little one with Sponge Bob Squarepants and snow cones.  

 Gary was next door in the office doing a hearing test, so    another of my m…