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After The Wedding and Revel Ramblings

Well, the wedding was over and the honeymoon for the happy couple wasn't to start until Thursday...  so Monday the bride and groom took us to Atlantic City for dinner and a grand tour of the Casino, Revel, newly opened in June.

See the lights hanging from above?  They automatically light up as you walk under them.  I was mesmerized!  

Each 'room' brought forth a new theme and a more enchanting feel than the room before.  

I couldn't stop saying "WOW!"

Everything...  brand spanking new!

Some of the best suites in this Casino/Hotel go for around a thousand bucks a night.  No, we did not stay here.

But we did stop to rest.

And read a book or two...

And dance...

The view was spectacular!  We watched people walking the boardwalk...

I saw these little carts that people were riding in and each one had a man pushing the cart.  I'm like...  "What....???"

Well, that's one way to get a nice tip or two I suppose...

There we are!  Pretty skinny, right? …