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Memory Lane

Yesterday I turned 60.  A trip down memory lane was in order.
My husband, along with my good friend and former neighbor, gifted me with:
A tour of the house I grew up in.
 The house has been empty for a while, used for storage.

The colorful pictures that are included in today's post do not hold a candle to the vibrance and space that I beheld back in those days of old...  as I looked upon my home then, through a child's eyes.

The big bathroom that my dad had built onto the house forty some years ago, (after my mom saw a snake in the outhouse and insisted), had somehow become smaller through time.

The walls seem to be closing in on the living room/boys bedroom that once was.  It is nowhere near the size that it was so many years ago.  As I remembered it, there was a couch, a chair, a black and white television set, a rollaway bed in the corner, and a pot belly stove .   It would have been magic had all those things actually fit in that one little room and yet left us with a…