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I Don't Feel Well

Dear Diary,  
It wasn't the urgency in my eyes or the pacing back and forth by the door the minute I came back in from outside that made Mom decide I needed to see the doc.

It was more the squatting and peeing every five seconds that got her all worried.  Sometimes I'd squat for minutes without moving.  Like here (see me squatting below.) 

 I had to listen real close for familiar words.

Doctor.  Vet.  Buick. Go. 

I was a little embarrassed about going to the vet's looking like the scruff-muffin that I was.  I'd been spending a lot of time outside in the grass. After I pee, I dig a little and try to cover it up.  Mom say's I'm a mess. 

 She keeps bringing the b word up. But all I can think of is the P word. I don't feel well.  I just want to pee.  

I was excited to go to the animal hospital.

Mom said I was so good and that she wishes she would have taken a picture of me while they were examining me because It was the cutest thing she'd ever seen.
 She's the s…