Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stop and Smell the Rain

After weeks of watering our own flowers,
 plants and shrubbery because of the
dry weather...  it finally happened.

It was beautiful!
It poured for twenty-four
 hours hard and heavy.

Our lawn took on color
once again and started sprouting mushrooms.

There's no man-made garden hose
that can take the place of God's watering of His earth.  

Our wildflowers became brilliant afterwards.

So then...

Yesterday was an all-day
 funeral home viewing and funeral service .

A Dear relative.

 RIP Uncle Bunny.

Then my Granddaughter begged me
 to bring her home with me.

 (She didn't have to beg too hard) 

She played in her 'yard sale' purchased car.  Fifteen bucks and two great batteries.

 (A find from two years ago.)



Me:  Rissie, Where'd you get such cute little feet? 

Rissie: From Jesus. 

Me: What about those cute hands? 

Rissie:  Jesus made my hands.  Grammy,  I want to see Jesus. 

Me:  Jesus lives right here (I point to my heart, then hers. She points to her heart then). 

Rissie: Jesus lives right here? 

Me: Yep. 


Me: Rissie, tell Pop-pop where Jesus lives.

Rissie: Right underneath my chin. LOL

And Life goes on...

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