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Oh Poop!

Blogger has been a real pain lately and has kept me from visiting and commenting on blogs.  Yesterday it moved at a snails pace and wouldn't let me visit my own blog with much success either.  Today is a new day, and so far... so good.
Yesterday while Gary and I was walking Gracie, Gary commented on her # of poops.  
Gary:  Look at her.  I can't believe she's pooping again.  She just pooped in the yard before we left the house.  
Me:  She just wants to give me something to pick up.  
 *stooping down with my black poopy bag and  scooping up a tiny, hard bm*
Gary:  Gracie, you're something!  
*We walk a few more yards.
Gary: Look!  There she goes again!!  Gracie, you don't even have to go.  And of course you have to try to squeeze one out right here in somebody's yard.  You're something!!
*Gracie throws Gary a dirty look... then continues her walk with her nose to the pavement*
Gary:  Unbelievable!  She's going again!!  
*Gracie crouches, trying hard...*
Me:  Gracie.…