Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh Poop!

Blogger has been a real pain lately and has kept me from visiting and commenting on blogs.  Yesterday it moved at a snails pace and wouldn't let me visit my own blog with much success either.  Today is a new day, and so far... so good.

Yesterday while Gary and I was walking Gracie, Gary commented on her # of poops.  

Gary:  Look at her.  I can't believe she's pooping again.  She just pooped in the yard before we left the house.  

Me:  She just wants to give me something to pick up.  

 *stooping down with my black poopy bag and 
scooping up a tiny, hard bm*

Gary:  Gracie, you're something!  

*We walk a few more yards.

Gary: Look!  There she goes again!!  Gracie, you don't even have to go.  And of course you have to try to squeeze one out right here in somebody's yard.  You're something!!

*Gracie throws Gary a dirty look... then continues her walk with her nose to the pavement*

Gary:  Unbelievable!  She's going again!!  

*Gracie crouches, trying hard...*

Me:  Gracie.  Really!!!  

*by now... I'm on my 3rd and last doggie bag.  It's obvious that she doesn't have to go...  she's just adding to the smell of others along the way*

*Her back legs are trembling as she tries hard to push one out.  Then... I think...  there must be something wrong*

Me:  Gary!  Look!!  There's something wrong.  

*I bend down and get a closer look and she looks pitifully at me as she tries hard to produce something.  But what I see is a tiny pencil thin bm along with a huge red oval shaped... something that had just come out of her.  My poor baby!!*

Dear Diary,
Mom says the leaves are pretty this time of year.  Maybe that's why her and dad took me for a walk tonight.  I didn't have to go (I'd already went... if you know what I mean) (as sophie would say... wink, wink!)  Anyways...  getting on with my story...  Mom says the leaves are pretty this time of year, but not when the big red ones are stuck to my butt.  She say's Amber de-weenie would appreciate this story.  

* FYI - Don't feel too sorry for the dog.  It was just a leaf stuck to her butt from her constant crouching.  She's fine*

Gracie:  Easy for you to say..  can we say...  humiliated?!?... 


  1. Oh poor Gracie! That hurts:( Have a blessed day dear Bobbi AND Gracie too! HUGS!

  2. oh poor puppy,, thats a hard job!!

  3. Gracie....Gracie...Gracie....See's....mee always nose dat dos leaves always get da Momma's attention! Put one on your butt and you's will get all da attention you's could ever want. Not always da best attention....but attention still! Great Job, Gracie!

  4. Samson Says: Oh, poor Gracie, that must be because your legs are short. I get all sorts of stuff stuck in my fluffy fur. It doesn't come out until Mommy brushes me, which isn't often enough, if you know what I mean. I've had sticks and stones buried in my fur. Anyway, you shouldn't feel bad because you are the cutest thing on the whole WWW. Your Samson

  5. Gracie, we have lots of leaves on the lawn here to0! Harriet has the same problem!!!

  6. I had to chuckle at this post...I'm remembering when we were following Todd around after he swallowed the cap to the water jug...Unfortunately we didn't have any pretty leaves at the time! :-)

  7. Oh-the-things-we-do-for-our-poochies!. . .Our Boudxy Boy once pooped a stick (the size of a pencil). Amazing!!

  8. Oh Gracie it's hard to be a dog, isn't it? Having a leaf stuck to your bottom like that and no way to get it off. I'm glad everything worked out in the end.

  9. Gosh, what a story!! But I'm glad it ended this way, I was afraid she was sick!

  10. Ha ha ha! Soooo funny.....

    Gracie, bless your heart.... so sorry you have to use leaves for your TP! hehe.....


  11. Hehe, so sorry to laugh, but I can just picture this! Smooth moves there Gracie. Lovies, Miss Mindy and Mom

  12. I've had a hard time commenting on blogs too, so I right click on the comment, and open in a new tab, and then I can comment.

    I don't know what's going on with blogger either!

  13. Blogger is driving me nuts!!! Anyway glad Gracie is AOK. Ragsy has probs with mucus sometimes and I was thinking Gracie was having the same thing. Ragsy has 1/4 of a teaspoon of metamucil in his morning food to keep him in line... It works, stop laughing... Hugs, LJ

  14. I always come home with a couple of leaves stuck to my behind. It's a fashion statement.

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Oh Gracie
    I know you are soooo embarrased!
    nitey nite

  16. lovely comment thanks for sharing... loves from holland..God bless you.. soraya

  17. Poor Gracie - - - Mom has exposed your business worse than our septic tank that is unearthed at this time!!! It's as bad as people giving you a bedpan and thinking you can go on command.


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