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Lying is Wrong!

I know lying is wrong.  But I do what I have to do to keep my pup from becoming literally sick at heart when we go away overnight.  
(At the mention of us going on vacation  she will go outside and puke)
Saturday morning:  
"C'mon, Gracie.  Let's go outside,"  I said.  
The minute the door was closed we filled our suitcases and threw everything out on the porch like nothing was happening.  Just another day...  
When I brought her back inside, she was none the wiser."We have to go to work now," I lied.  
I guess she realized later ~ when Lindsey and Rissi came over to take care of her that we had pulled a fast one.
Where did we go, you ask?
We went to Pa. where I attended a bridal shower for my beautiful stepdaughter Stacy who will be getting married at the beach in September.  Can't wait!!!  
Today, our local newspaper hosted a Senior Jubilee Expo at the Mall.  We were scheduled to set up there... so it was an early morning out of the house.  I could tel…