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I Thought I'd Lost You!

I guess everyone's tired of seeing my wildflowers....  but that's all I have for now...  Nothing else is blooming yet.

It's been a busy time.  Next week is my final week of work, then a week off, then my new business will open.    Today we went to WCBC studio to record "Listen Up" segments for  radio.  This is just one form of advertising that we're going with.  

The newspaper will be covering our grand opening and maybe our ear carving.  

Our meeting in Fredericksburg,Va. was great.  The Hilton we stayed in was luxurious and clean and the meeting was top notch.  We met a couple who used to work for Miracle Ear, who had left there to go on their own... just as we are doing.  They had so much to offer.  We were given their card immediately and told to call anytime.

I'm starting to get really excited!!  

This morning I took Gracie over to the 'home office' and, as I often do, I turned her loose with her leash still attached, after pushing the door closed…