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That's My Guy

Today I felt like the Paparazzi sneaking a shot of someone famous when they were unaware...  
But I'm not a high paid photographer working for the National Enquirer or any other such magazine. 
 And my subject is only famous in my eyes.  
 I could see him but he couldn't see me because our house windows are tinted glass.   Hee hee.

This morning he called me to the window to look outside at our wildflowers. 
 "Take a good look..." he said.  "Aren't they beautiful today?  They'll soon be gone."

My hubby's not been feeling well.  It's the Crohn's disease.  He keeps losing weight and has stomach pain every day along with bloody bowel.  I'm sorry, I don't mean to gross anybody out...  but if anyone knows of someone who has this disease and has a remedy that will ease suffering... we're open for suggestions.  

He's such a good man and has been through so much.

I can remember when I first started dating him his X called me on t…