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I Know. I'm Rambling.

I was told that the area in Baltimore where Gary and I had to go today for his medical tests was a bad section of town.
  First of all...  our GPS got us lost.  
Doors locked?  Check.
Finally, we found the place.  Second floor suite 208.  I won't go  into detail... but let's just say there was standing room only and I needed to get some air so I went downstairs to wait.  I found a chair in a long hall leading to a Pharmacy that only carried wheel chairs and walkers.  No shopping there.  So I first bought a Mounds bar, then had a seat.  (yes, they had candy and a very hard chair).  Sick, grungy, hacking people were spewing germs every which way as they passed by me and I thought, I see possible flu in my future.  Then a great idea!  Wait in the car where it's more comfortable.  But first find the bathroom and see if I can't find the coffee shop that Gary said was down there...  
Bathroom.  Check.
Coffee shop...  had a sign that said 'Handicapped Only'.That left me ou…