Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Know. I'm Rambling.

I was told that the area in Baltimore where Gary and I had to go today for his medical tests was a bad section of town.

  First of all...  our GPS got us lost.  

Doors locked?  Check.

Finally, we found the place.  Second floor suite 208.  I won't go  into detail... but let's just say there was standing room only and I needed to get some air so I went downstairs to wait.  I found a chair in a long hall leading to a Pharmacy that only carried wheel chairs and walkers.  No shopping there.  So I first bought a Mounds bar, then had a seat.  (yes, they had candy and a very hard chair).  Sick, grungy, hacking people were spewing germs every which way as they passed by me and I thought, I see possible flu in my future.  Then a great idea!  Wait in the car where it's more comfortable.  But first find the bathroom and see if I can't find the coffee shop that Gary said was down there...  

Bathroom.  Check.

Coffee shop...  had a sign that said 'Handicapped Only'.
That left me out.

So I went to the car and began my 3 hour wait.  What to do... what to do... Facebook asked me...  what's on your mind?  So I spilled my guts.  

And then I spotted the ice cold water in the middle of the desert.  Okay... it was really an outside entrance to the coffee shop and real - non-handicapped people were allowed to go inside.  

They had ice cream, cheese cake, coffee, sodas and chips.  I grabbed a Choco Taco and a bag of barbeque chips, paid the man, and ran to the car.

There's the coffee shop entrance straight ahead.
 Below -  This was my 3 hour scenery.  Not so entertaining. 

 But the angry, fighting, yelling screaming people coming and going were very entertaining.  I learned a lot of new words.  And they weren't all four-letter words, either.

And then an old lady pulled her car right beside of ours and slammed open her door scratching our car.  

 She grumbled something like 'it sucks to be me' then went inside.  I sneaked a peek at the damage...  a little scratch...  but nothing that I wished to risk my life over, so when she came back 5 minutes later and got back in her car and left, I concentrated on my Words With Friends move with Gary and never even gave her a look.

So what do you do when you're in the middle of a mock Jerry Springer show, in a seedy part of town with nothing to do but eat junk food and pray the protection of Jesus?

Between Gary and  Sophie Doodle my mind was kept pretty occupied with Words With Friends.  (Yes...  I play Scrabble with a dog.  And Yes, she has beat me.  Don't judge me.)

Instead of using GPS to find our way out of Hell Town, we used common sense.  

It got us home without getting us lost.


  1. How I looooove reading bout y'all's adventures! Girl, you made me feel like I was right there beside you! (I would def. had to have a choc taco too)

    though it was probably not on your top ten list of how to spend the day, I am glad y'all made it through and returned home safe and sound....


  2. Does not sound like a place I would want to be waiting out in the car in - especially for 3 hours! Glad you had Sophie to keep you company and help with the time!

    I hate when people slam their door into mine, even when there is plenty of space to open it carefully and get out.

    Glad you made it home without being carjacked or getting your throat slit or anything bad....

  3. wow, thats an experience not worth repeating,, scary!Glad it all worked out,, darn GPS, you hear more and more of this happening its scary really what if you were in the bush like where I live,,

  4. I always sit in the car and wait for my husband. You are right, it's amazing how entertaining it can be. I LOVE to people watch. Glad you got out alive, GPS or no GPS. Home never looked so good, did it? Take care.

  5. I'm a people watcher like TaryTerre so I would have "enjoyed the show" so to speak (with the doors locked of course). Like she said, I agree, I am glad you got home safely! What an adventure!


  6. Oh, gosh, all that time waiting in the car in such a bad area! But I know the feeling, our car seat is much more comfortable than hard chairs! But how is Gary, does he know the test results? Was it just a check-up?

  7. You reminded me of the choco taco and I'm going to get one today. Yum! Haven't had one in years just forgot about them I guess. You look weary sitting there in the car. Definately the best choice though. I spent time at the VA hospital in Indpls. when my dad was sick and at the time it didn't feel comfortable or safe. Please keep us informed on how Gary is doing. Amy and I will pray for you both and that Gary won't have to go back for more tests.

  8. YIKES, THREE hours! That's a lotta waiting! Great way to pass the time away WWF:) Happy you made it out of the bad part of town!

    Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  9. and I thought I was playing with GRACIE all this time....sheesh! Now back to my game with GRACIE please ...then off to Pops house to do the floors!!!A man's work is never done!

  10. Ever hear of 'hockey widows'? Well, something new on our block....'Words With Friends'widower!!!!
    Thanks Bobbi very much, ask Ron/Sophie if they'd like to go for a walk SOMETIME THIS WEEKEND!!!!lol

  11. I keep hearing about words with friends! But it doens't work on my phone. I'm in the dark ages!

    I really want to try a choco taco sometime. But then again, I better not.

  12. I really didn't like waiting in my car when I lived in LA, even in good neighborhoods, like where we lived. I am glad all went well for you. Samson sends love to Gracie. He wants to know if she went with you into danger! I think he's a bit worried about where you may take her now.

  13. Oh my gosh...I can feel you anxiety level too. I try to stay our of crowded waiting room as much as possible now. I catch enough on my own don't need to share. I'm glad you made it home to a snuggly puppy.
    Hugs C

  14. Oh how I roared when I read your plight!!! You sure have a way with words, honey.... Hope Gary's tests come out fine and you can say "hey, at least it gave me food for a funny blog... Cheeers, LJ

  15. Good grief, Girl.
    I think Gary needs to find a new doc!

    Time passes slowly when one is waiting - and I'm not very patient when it comes to waiting. Guess we could be thankful that scenario is not part of our everyday life; But by the grace of God...

  16. It's bad enough dealing with medical procedures without having to worry about your health!!! Seems like a lot of the best medical facilities have ended up in "less-than-the-best" parts of town!

  17. Oh my gosh! That doesn't sound very safe at all! I can't stand it when people open their car doors into other cars. I learned a long time ago that it's worth parking way away and walking. Thank God for Words with Friends! I love that game!

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