Friday, December 2, 2011


Tonight I took down the rainbow pictures and special  'I love you Grammy' cards from my fridge to make room for more. 

 My granddaughter loves to paint and I'm anticipating many more beautiful pictures in the near future...  especially after she gets the Melissa and Doug Easel accessory kit we got her for Christmas.  I had already gotten her the easel at a yard sale for just a few dollars.

Until then these Ganz monkeys and frogs with their magnetic hands and feet will play on the fridge front...

Awaiting more works of art...

And arguing about who gets to hold up what. 

What do you have on your refrigerator?  Does yours tend to get really cluttered like mine does?  


  1. Frigerator.....what frigerator? Me gots a big box in me kitchen covered wit everyting but da kitchen sink. One of da heavy magnet tingys fell off and now me has a big lump on me teenie weenie head!

  2. So cute, Bobbi,when the grandkids come for a visit, my fridge get decorated, after a while I take their artwork and store it in a very special place. Enjoy1

  3. Yep that's what refrigerators are for. ARTWORK. Pretty pictures painted especially for Grandma & Grandpa. Glad you are making room for more. Grandchildren LOVE their Art Galleries, don't they? I think adding some of those Ganz monkeys and frogs will jazz it up pretty good. Your granddaughter is going to love 'em. Take care.

  4. If refrigerators weren't meant to be art galleries they wouldn't be made of metal.

    I really need to clean mine off more often before my grandchildren get embarrassed by their artwork of years ago.

  5. I love the monkey and big toed frog magnets, haven't seen them in stores! What a good idea to all show our fridges, not the inside but the outside, You KNOW the grandma's have to be just totally COVERED!!!

  6. Love your colorful froggy and monkey magnets, Bobbi. Girl, I would be embarrased for you to see our fridge right at the moment, LOL!

    It is COVERED with photos of family and friends children, baby pics (LOTS of those) pictures of our beloved dog, and plenty of coupons and even a few articles a couple of us put up for all the family to read......
    I need to clean it off!

  7. Oh I AM ASHAMED to show mine:) IT is covered!!!! My grandbabies KNOW that if they make me something... it will be displayed on the fridge:) Two were just peeking at all of the goodies they had made last night! It looks a bit cluttered BUT the magazines aren't coming anytime soon to take pictures:) Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  8. We puts grandchildren thingies on our too! I like those monkies a lot!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  9. I love those magnets! Our little neighbors give us goodies to display on our frig and of course a manget from our veterinarian is on there too!

    Enjoy the weekend, Bobbi.

  10. Nothing will stick to the front of our fridge so I just have a few magnets on the sides. It's sad, I know.

  11. Nothing will stick on the front of mine either but the side is full!!!
    My G-daughter is 27 years old and is in General Hospital!!!
    xx,Zoie & Fern

  12. Those magnets aer adorable. I don't know when the art on the frig thing started... I know my mother didn't do it, but I did, so I guess it was us boomers. Now my grandsons will send us art and letters that we stick on the frig, take a photo of and text it to them to show them how much we appreciate the honor.

  13. We used to have lots on the fridge but cleared it off. Our kitchen is small and it looks bigger with the fridge less cluttered. However, when we have grands, I know we will let them hang everything on it.
    Good for you encouraging the creativity. It pays big dividends as they progress in school and the work world.

  14. Our fridge has photos of the grands - this way I get to see their sweet faces every day. Sure wish I lived closer to them.
    Always in my heart.

    Love the monkeys and frogs.
    They look lonely as they await
    new art.

  15. I love the creativity of kids and refrigerators--But since I don't have any that visit, I just have to put up pictures of the dogs instad.

    But I love the monkeys and frogs--They'd make a great gift!

    I hope you're doing well Bobbi!

  16. Love your little frogs on the fridge, but I bet the best are the art work from your grand-daughter! Sadly my fridge is not metal so nothing will hold onto it; used to love to put magnets on it from places we had visited when we had a metal fridge (but I am thankful that I have a fridge, LOL :)


  17. So cute!

    Since we don't have kids, ours just has a notepad, pen, and a few decorative magnets.


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