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A little over three years ago Gracie got deathly ill after getting a combo rabie / distemper shot.  She was sick for weeks.  After online research I found that she wasn't the only dog that's had a bad reaction to the vaccine combo.  Other research showed that I should never get all of the vaccines at the same time since she had a bad reaction.
I've put this rabie shot off since last October, but I know it's a law and it had to be done.  I also need to get her groomed, and first she needs her rabie vaccine. 
 The vet has in her chart THAT SHE HAD A SERIOUS REACTION FROM THE COMBO VACCINE LAST TIME.  I've talked to the vets over and over again about her bad reaction last time.  
But>  Gary took her this morning to get it done while I went to work.  When he told me on the phone that she had gotten the combo shot MY HEART DROPPED!  
She's vomited 1X since she has been home.  I pray that it ends there...  
I called the Animal Hospital and asked why they gave her the c…