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What Is Your Problem?

Just Another Day of Trouble by Gracie Phillip
Me:  (yawning and looking surprised as I lay stretched out on my sofa)  What are you doing home from work so early?  Don't you work till 5?
Mom:  I came over to paint.  
Me:  You're kidding me.  Right?   When am I supposed to sleep?
Mom:  **Ignores me**
Me:  Wait!  That's my chair.  What are  you doing moving my chair?  I won't be able to see out my window.   Woah!!  Time out...
Mom:  **Ignores me**
Me:  Okay fine.  So you moved my chair.  But is it necessary that you open those cans of smelly stuff... hmmm..  let me see here ..  that smell's not so bad after all...
Mom: Gracie!  Get away.
Me:  Geesh.  What a nag.  And just where am I supposed to go?  Why don't you go away...  like back to work...  and leave me here to rest?
1/2 hour later
****I hear Dad....  he's coming.... he's at the door...  DAD!!!****
Mom:  Gracie!!  Look what you did!  You just had to run through the dining room and brush up against the wall, didn&#…