Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Is Your Problem?

Just Another Day of Trouble
by Gracie Phillip

Me:  (yawning and looking surprised as I lay stretched out on my sofa)  What are you doing home from work so early?  Don't you work till 5?

Mom:  I came over to paint.  

Me:  You're kidding me.  Right?  
When am I supposed to sleep?

Mom:  **Ignores me**

Me:  Wait!  That's my chair.  What are  you doing moving my chair?  I won't be able to see out my window.  
Woah!!  Time out...  

Mom:  **Ignores me**

Me:  Okay fine.  So you moved my chair.  But is it necessary that you open those cans of smelly stuff... hmmm..  let me see here ..  that smell's not so bad after all...

Mom: Gracie!  Get away.

Me:  Geesh.  What a nag.  And just where am I supposed to go?  Why don't you go away...  like back to work...  and leave me here to rest?

1/2 hour later

****I hear Dad....  he's coming.... he's at the door...  DAD!!!****

Mom:  Gracie!!  Look what you did!  You just had to run through the dining room and brush up against the wall, didn't you?  Now Look at you!

Me:  Oh dad.  I missed you so!  This woman has lost her mind!  Save me dad.  Make her go away.  I love you dad!!!

Dad:  Down Gracie!  Look what you did!  White paw prints on my black dress pants.  No!  Down!

Me:  **steps in white paint en route to other room trying to get to safety**

Mom the Nag:  Gracie there are white paw prints all through the living room.  What is your problem?

Dear Diary,
 Mom the nag want's to know what my problem is.  
Look in the mirror lady.  There's the problem.  At least I got to go for a walk today.  When I'm sniffing boy pee on poles and fire hydrants my troubles seem to disappear.  Gracie.


  1. OH NO! White paw prints on black pants!! YIKES! I don't think you are going to get any extra treats today Gracie. Sorry, but Lovies anyway to you, Miss Mindy

  2. GRACIE, nobody likes WHITE paint paws on anything. It ruins things unless of course you're using it as a signature on a document or something. Next time your mom a paints, take your fluffy self to another room and don't try to help, OK? Your dad must be livid. Tell me you washed your paws off before anymore damage was done? Paw painting is only allowed with permission. Take care.

  3. Hang in there, Gracie! Try to stay out of her way and she will finish sooner... and you will have things back to normal!

  4. Goodnes, how I've missed visiting you, Gracie! (and your mom, too) but that pesky pnumonia kept me from blogging for a while... but I ams better, and happy to see you are still your "spoiled" oops, I mean "mistreated" self.... hehe!

  5. Nice to me you Gracie, you are one gorgeous doggy!


  6. Take time to BREATHE, Bobbi! I have been missing you. I LOVE Rissi's dress. It is quite grown-up, but not TOO grown up, it's just right for the wedding! I hope Lindsey has the dress by now?? Will you not show it till the wedding when she is wearing it?

  7. Oh no, I have been doing some painting too and DO NOT want paw prints in my house! Gracie, I have to take your Mom's side on this one! Just think how pretty everything is going to look when the painting is ALL finished! Patience, Gracie, Patience:) HUGS!

  8. Gracie...whose house is dis anyway? Who spends da most time in it? Me tinks dat be YOU! So you go right ahead and decorate wit da white paw prints anywhere you see fit!

  9. Such a cute post. Poor Gracie. It must be hard to understand why the daily routine has to be interrupted. So sorry to hear about the white paw prints! Yikes! Soon it will be done, and things can return to normal. I bet it will all look great too! :)

  10. Poor Gracie! So neglected! lol

  11. Poor Gracie, you really had a tough day!


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