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We Have Grown Apart

For some reason I am not able to pull any photos off of my IPad to post on my blog.  Just another one of those life glitches I suppose.  Life has plenty...  This one being a minor glitch but I did want to share the beautiful sunrise with you from this mornings beachfront condo.  Sorry it won't let me.

It was hot today and I did almost nothing at all for the entire day.  We did venture out for an early dinner.  I had cream of crab soup ...  What am I thinking on a hot summers day!!  But it was good.  The best.  Awesome.

I sat out on the balcony for a while and reflected a bit ...  Thinking back to the very first time I laid eyes on the big, mysterious sea and my thoughts back then...  I was eighteen at the time.  My thoughts were, Wow!  I would never be any closer to God than I was then... Alone in the black night feeling the strength of those waves stinging my legs as I bravely walked on and on... following the oceans edge until the familiarity of my hotel was out of sight...  Jus…