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Women and Work Job # 8,9, 10

Job #8   Receptionist
I worked as a receptionist at Miracle Ear for 2 years.  I scheduled appointments, made phone calls, and greeted people that came in for hearing tests.
Job # 9 Nursing Assistant
Wearing white scrubs and filling my pockets with disposable latex gloves before starting my shift, made me feel important.  With my head held high, I'd walk into a residents room to empty a catheter bag, knowing I'd become a health care professional.  I loved my job.I learned how to change the bed of a 325 pound comatose woman  while she was lying right smack dab in the middle of it.  I fed those who couldn't feed themselves and I cleaned slobber from their faces.  I changed dirty 'diapers' and bathed angry dementia patients who wanted me dead.  I made eye contact with the wild - ones that no one else could tame, and we had an understanding.  I singlehandedly took care of an entire hall of patients for twelve hours straight 6PM to 6AM shift, with just a half hour break at …