Thursday, November 22, 2012

We Have some WINNERS!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  

Today was good food & good times.

A few laughs...

Some hugs...

A little clowning around...

And my son saying he wants a $5 royalty check for each time his name is mentioned in the book.  He's so silly!

So I got the kiddies together to do our book drawing and we decided to draw 6 winners instead of 5...  just so each of them would have the same amount to draw.  Here are the results:

Congratulations!  I will be sending you all a free copy of Gracie's Diary.

Now if you could email me at your addresses, I will get your books out ASAP!

Dear Diary,

Cruelty to Animals = your family going out for Turkey Dinner and bringing you home just a teeny tiny chunk of turkey and an annoying Christmas hat. Gracie.

Fall Camp stuff

It's that time of year where we put away the sun block and break open the stash of pumpkin spice candles.   Fall is extra special...