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Memory Lane and Eckhart Mines

I love Facebook!  It's a way to keep in touch with family, interact with friends, and reconnect with long lost peeps from the past.  
I grew up in a small mining town...  Eckhart Mines to be exact.   We had an outhouse out back, got a dime for allowance every Friday, drank water from a rusty old water trough called Kelly's Pump, and weren't missed by our parents if we left the house early morning and didn't return till dark.  There are tons of stories from those of us who grew up in Eckhart, and someone started a Facebook page for those who grew up there.  It's been fun going down memory lane and reconnecting with  many who are just as nostalgic as I...  

Above photo:  Eckhart Hill.  
Every Friday, after my five siblings and Iwere given our dime allowance, this is where we went.  The building in the middle was Dudley's grocery store.  There was a candy counter, coca cola machine, and Mr. and Mrs. Dudley who often would give us outdated lunch cakes, knowing we were…