Monday, September 12, 2011

Memory Lane and Eckhart Mines

I love Facebook!  It's a way to keep in touch with family, interact with friends, and reconnect with long lost peeps from the past.  

I grew up in a small mining town...  Eckhart Mines to be exact.   We had an outhouse out back, got a dime for allowance every Friday, drank water from a rusty old water trough called Kelly's Pump, and weren't missed by our parents if we left the house early morning and didn't return till dark.  There are tons of stories from those of us who grew up in Eckhart, and someone started a Facebook page for those who grew up there.  It's been fun going down memory lane and reconnecting with  many who are just as nostalgic as I...  

Above photo:  Eckhart Hill.  

Every Friday, after my five siblings and I
were given our dime allowance, this is where we went.  The building in the middle was Dudley's grocery store.  There was a candy counter, coca cola machine, and Mr. and Mrs. Dudley who often would give us outdated lunch cakes, knowing we were poor. We'd sometimes have to scrape away mold, but boy were those cakes ever good!   Below Dudley's, was the Butcher Shop, then the Tabernacle.  The Butcher shop always smelled of bologna and fresh bread, and I remember many a warm summer evening when my friends and I would sneak into the Tabernacle to spy on the congregation of about a half-a-dozen,  giggling in the back pew and not really knowing what a tabernacle was.  Above Dudley's was the post office where I'd often be sent for our mail - PO Box 110 - I'll never forget the thrill it was to go in and find that I had a 'package' in back and know that it was my box of Mallo Cups that I had sent 500 'coins' in for six weeks earlier.   Fairdy's (another grocery store with the BEST candy counter) is missing, but was connected to the other side of the post office.  The sweet smell upon entering Fairdy's was one I'll never forget, along with the patience of the store owner as she filled up five separate sacks with the candy of our choice.  I'm sure she was happy when one of our choices would be a Black Cow or a Hershey Bar for 5 cents.  

I love to travel down Memory Lane.  But I love to hear about others adventures there as well.

What's  your favorite childhood memory?  


  1. Love your memories, Bobbi! How wonderful to reconnect with old friends too on FB. The five and dime store I walked to as a child was owned by Mrs. Phillips. Can you believe she kept the store until just a few years ago. She lived to be nearly 100! How I loved her candy counter and coloring books!

  2. You have some great memories, Bobbi! I don't have any that really stand out, just a bunch of 'em.

  3. That is neat, Bobbi, that someone set up a FB page for you guys to stay connected and share memories. Sounds like you grew up in a good little town with lots of memories!


  4. Echart Hill sounds like a slice of Americana... Bobbi!

    I have so many good childhood memories... a lot of them revolve around summers spent at my grandparents in East Texas, doing all kinds of fun summer things.....

    Have a happy day!

  5. We have a FB page for the town I grew up in as well. So much fun!

  6. Sweet memories, it is always nice to look back when times were slower and safer!

    We had an old store in our neighborhood where everyone gathered around the stove in the Winter to chat! They had a candy case and we could get tons of candy in a little brown sack for pennies! Sweet!

    Have a blessed day dear Bobbi! HUGS!

  7. Reading your post today kind of took me way back in time too. Life was just so much simpler back in those days. I would love to just turn the hands of time back again, if only for a short re-live those wonderful days.

  8. Beautiful post Bobbi...the simple pleasures you enjoyed as a child helped mold you into the woman you are today.

    One of my favorite childhood memories:
    My uncle drove a Sundrop Soft Drink truck. In the summer he would let my cousin and I ride with him on his deliveries.
    Also in the summer our city would periodically turn on the fire hydrants to let the kids cool off.
    fun times.
    Hugs Madi's Mom

  9. Childhood memories are great and it sounds like you have some great ones. Candy is a big part of my childhood memories too. Going to the movies on Saturday morning and eating popcorn and candy was a real treat. And we could do it all for 35 cents. Nowadays I need to take out a loan on my house to go to the show and popcorn & candy are just a dream :-)

  10. Woof! Woof! Golden Thanks for sharing your childhood memory ... Enjoyed reading it. I got lots of precious memories when I was young spending time of course with my family ... same thing with my mom (what she misses the most is time with her mom). Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  11. Hi Bobbi! I really enjoyed reading your post! What a great memory!

    I had a pretty good childhood growing up at Fort Knox. My best memories are playing in the creek at my Grandfathers and stopping at a small general store for a box of cracker jacks and a coke. I have to tell you that this memory was really brought back to life when for the fun of it, I bought a box of Cracker Jacks for Carl and I just this morning. When I saw that they were only a $1 for the box, I just had too--They still taste pretty good and were worth every penny! :-))


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