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Busy, Break, and Bushkill

Summer so far has been busy, busy, busy.  That's why a break in the beautiful chaos is needed.  

And while I'm away, I am going to try to catch up on all of your blogs...   

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer....

I know I am

Dear Diary,
First it was new furniture.  I kid you not.  The nag took away my good smelling well broken in green couch and blue recliner and replaced it with some of the most awful smelling brown furniture and ...  well...  that's not all!!!  No, that's not all!!!!  My bed!  The very bed that I slept so well on has been removed only to add a huge, gigantic, large, big, ginormous bed and now I have to search high and low to find Dad so I can curl up by his side.  This is not good.  No.  Not good at all.  There's talk of more new stuff on the way.  How much can a dog take!!!!   And that's not all!!!  Now I'm hearing the Nag talk about the V word.  Yep.  It seems that she is going to take MY DAD and go to the pocono's (wherever th…

Birdy Friends

We usually have a hummingbird feeder right outside of  our big bedroom window.  
But this year, no hummingbirds showed up.
So Gary took it down and replaced it with this...

And now, we have guests....



Stop and Smell The Green Stuff Dad!

Hey!  Gracie here.   You know what day it is, right?

I just wanted to tell you about the gift I gave my Dad.  Today while Dad was walking me I pulled him over to my usual place, the telephone pole by the electric station place (oh, the good smells on that pole!)  

Now, if you think Mom is a nag...  you should hear Dad on our walks.  

"Gracie, keep moving!"  "Stop sniffing!"  "Hurry up!" "It's called a walk Gracie...  let's go!"

Yea, I know.  He can be a real pain on the road.  

So anyhooo...  today as I'm yanking him over to my regular, wonderful spot by the pole, first he starts with one of his famous lines "C'mon Gracie, I haven't got all day!"  Then he stopped, let me have my way, and leaned down and picked up something that was green     (and it wasn't doggie doo)...  

To Dad:  Take the time to stop and smell the roses, Dad.  Or at least allow your Dog to stop and smell the telephone poles. 

 Ya never know what you …

Saying Goodbye

I'm tired of dying my hair.  I have been seriously considering letting it go gray.  Picture below is 2 months worth of no dye. I know, I know.  You say you don't notice any gray, right?

Ummm...  Take a closer look.

 I am sure I will have a weak moment and then it will be darker again...  and probably sooner than later.  I did pick up some 'sale Preference by LoReal' at Rite Aid on Sunday.  LOL.  

Another thing.  Today I had a 'revelation'.    Well, maybe it was a thought that just hit me.  Or maybe God was speaking to me in His ever-so-mysterious way.  Whatever the case, I made a decision.
You see, I have an addiction to sugar.  I used to think it was chocolate that I was addicted to, but I'm pretty sure it is sugar. 
I have been doing some research.  Coming from a family of diabetes and heart disease, I believe it would serve me well to be more careful about how much sugar goes into my body.  
Do you have any idea how much sugar I eat in a day!  A lot!  

What We See On Our Walk


Social Media

Lately I become lax in posting consistently on my blog.  It has become more work than pleasure.  I have been more active on Facebook and just check in now and again on my blog. 

Today I was reminded of how I need to be more faithful in my blogging and visiting with my blogger friends. 

Let me explain.

I love Social Media.  To name a few ~ I have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, My Space (which has been abandoned a while back but still exists), email of course, YouTube, and Blogger (still my favorite... but time consuming). 

I have met people from around the world.  I have shared in their trials and triumphs.  I have laughed and cried while reading friend's posts.  I have learned a lot and maybe brought a smile or two to another through my own posts.  I consider many of my blogging 'regulars' my friends.  Some are often on my list of people to pray for and they, too, pray for me. 

When I read this post from a dear, beautiful blogging friend today.... first, my hea…

Summer Business

The calendar says summer is not here yet.

But the temperatures are saying different. 

The real, true, all-year-round Summer is here though...

And she is taking care of business... 
Yesterday she did her very first pee on the potty.