Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Saying Goodbye

 I'm tired of dying my hair.  I have been seriously considering letting it go gray.  Picture below is 2 months worth of no dye. I know, I know.  You say you don't notice any gray, right?

Ummm...  Take a closer look.

 I am sure I will have a weak moment and then it will be darker again...  and probably sooner than later.  I did pick up some 'sale Preference by LoReal' at Rite Aid on Sunday.  LOL.  

Another thing.  Today I had a 'revelation'.    Well, maybe it was a thought that just hit me.  Or maybe God was speaking to me in His ever-so-mysterious way.  Whatever the case, I made a decision.

You see, I have an addiction to sugar.  I used to think it was chocolate that I was addicted to, but I'm pretty sure it is sugar. 

I have been doing some research.  Coming from a family of diabetes and heart disease, I believe it would serve me well to be more careful about how much sugar goes into my body.  

Do you have any idea how much sugar I eat in a day!  A lot!  

So I am kicking my sugar addiction once and for all.  

Bye-Bye Sugar!

I want to be young and vibrant like my husband:

He reminds me more of his late father every day ;-)

We are really enjoying our summer...

And Gracie hasn't had one single flea yet 


  1. Cutting down on sugar and salt will do you much good. Start reading how much sugar is in pop, power drinks and bottled teas.

    Good luck with your decisions. Do what feels right about the hair, but the health issue-sugar shouldn't be negotiable.

  2. Grey....What grey? I don't sees no grey! fleabees? Did you chase dem all away or do you do like me eats bugs!


  3. Good for you for giving up sugar!! I need to do that too, along with diet coke and a few other things! :-)

    As far as dying hair, well, you've seen my pictures on FB, I gave it up about 10 years ago--It took a year to get all the color out of my hair and I did temp colors in the meantime. But I've never regretted it, or been tempted to go back to back to coloring--I'm more tempted by that Hershey bar at the checkout! :-)!!!

  4. I have been totally grey since I was 40. That is 33 years! There were a couple of years that I tried to color it, but decided it was too much trouble.
    Admirable of you to cut back on sugar. Hoping you do well with this resolve.

  5. well I think your hair is beautiful, the color is coming in soft and lovely, I also like the length, I wish I could wear my hair longer but it just doesn't suit me, giving up sugar will be a challenge I be thinking, ( coming from one addict to another, lol), best of luck, I;m trying but I have slipped up a bit lately, I confess,

  6. Good for you with sugar. I've cut down a lot, but haven't cut it out completely.

  7. Your hair will be beautiful no matter what! Its your smile people notice most.
    We have a problem with sugar toooo!

  8. I think you will look good gray. (Urban legend or truth - hair dye is absorbed into your system and messes with your liver)
    Sugar... I go on small binges, then I can go for weeks with hardly a thought about it. Good luck with that - would be healthier for you. (Says the sporadic binger)

  9. I gave up trying to color my hair about 4 yrs. ago. I don't miss the mess and expense of coloring it. As I get older, I like things simple!

    I love sweets and try to limit them since John is diabetic.

  10. A week ago I wrote about my grey/white hair. Was that way for ten years and I finally colored it again. Everyone in my family is thrilled I did. But I miss my greyish/white hair. LOL

  11. The mushroom has the cross on it! I still see no grey in your hair and it is very pretty! I was pre-diabetic, or borderline diabetic, with a sugar reading of 120. I started eating no more potatoes (I used to eat lots) that is the only change I made, I still ate plenty of sugar, just no potatoes. My sugar reading is now in the 80's, I lowered it 40 points!!!! Not pre-diabetic anymore. BUT sugar is still not good for you in many other ways, good luck!!!! And remember to eat some dark chocolate every once in awhile.

  12. You are beautiful:) I wish I could be brave enough to let mine go gray... not gonna happen! I need an appointment right now! Have a blessed day and good luck with the NO SUGAR! HUGS!

  13. Bobbi, When I saw your title I was so worried; so thankful you aren't leaving blogland! I think you will look beautiful regardless of what color hair you have. As for sugar, I should quit too-I do try to limit myself but also know I am addicted. Good for you giving it up. Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  14. Bobbi, I just think you are such a classy, pretty lady, gray or no gray!! God blessed you with beautiful eyes and a lovely smile!

    And Im thrilled for Miss Gracie! No Fleas! Woo Hoo! that's like a "no cavity" report from the dentist... a reason to celebrate, as any good Doggy Mama knows....


  15. Samson Says: No fleas here either, we got some stuff put on us. Of course, no one would ever be able to find a flea in all my fur, heh, heh. Love you Gracie girl! Those ears of yours have me swooning. A weird word, I know. It's called old-fashioned. Your, Samson, xxoxoxo

    The color of you hair suits you, but then gray hair may suit you too. You could always change back if you don't like it. I got my first gray hairs at 22. I stopped putting blond streaks in my hair in my 30s, and have been gray, well almost white, ever since. I love it!

  16. Such a long comment and I forgot about the sugar. I think it is a great idea, just do it. You can do it. And good for you to take it on.


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