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Once Upon a Christmas

Once Upon a Christmas “We want up!  We want up!  We want up!”
The chant grew louder and the dark morning faded to light as six silhouettes become visible on that early Christmas day.  We were on a mission to wake Mom and get permission to go into the living room to see what Santa had brought. 
“Do you think she’s awake?” Rita asked.
“I don’t hear anything,” Jimmy answered.
“We want up! We want up!”  Jimmy cried, his voice louder this time.  He was the oldest and knew what to do.  It sometimes took drastic measures to wake Mom on Christmas morning after she….  ahemm…  Santa would be up half the night decorating our tree and then filling each of our socks with hard candy, nuts and oranges.  I guess it would have been easier if Dad would have stayed sober the night before and if us six kids would have refrained from telling stories half the night and trying to stay awake till we heard Santa on our rooftop. 
“I think I hear someone…” Larry said.  Jimmy jumped from his bed and tiptoed across …