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Christmas Gifts

Every year I guess what my Christmas present is, and this year is no different.   Our conversation went something like this.
Gary:  I don't know what to get you for Christmas.
Me:  That should be easy...
Gary:  Well it's not.  I have no clue... you're hard to buy for.
Me:  Well then you must not be paying attention.  I'd love to have a new Ipod Touch  OR an Ihome  OR Itunes gift card. 
 Easy peasy... that's what I am!
Next day Gary proudly announced that he had overcome his 'gifters block' and my present was bought.  "You'll never guess!" He said.  
"I'm getting my new Ipod" I said 
"Not even close..." he said.
"Yea... right.." I said. ((giggle-giggle))
The UPS man came and Gary grabbed the package, then hurried back to the garage to 'put my present together' according to him.  'it came in 2 parts' *according to him*...and I would be so surprised.  

 The very lightweight package got extremely heavy after …