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It's A Problem!

Update on our baby robins.   One day 2 were gone.    One remained and I was able to get a picture.  
The next day, he was gone too.
It makes me a little sad.   But then again, next year will be new babies more than likely. 
 Life...  goes on.
And speaking of life's continued blessings...  
When the last of my baby birds left the nest I never even thought about what life would be like if she were to have a few baby birds of her own.  Grammy is the best title I've ever owned.
God is so Good!!
Dear Diary,  I'm trying here.  Really I am.  I'm cordial.  I greet her with a lick on the side of her face when she comes to visit.

She tries to touch my fur...  and I let her.

She stares at me with those baby blues and it melts my heart.  

Mom says she thinks I'm one of her stuffed animals...  and I let her believe that.  I mean...  heck...  what do I have to lose?

I even let her fool around with my ears which is a part of me that is off limits... except for me..    *scratch-scratch*

She coos…