Saturday, August 18, 2018


I'm having some trouble uploading pictures from my iPhone.  I think I took too many.  Like, way too many.  Ha!

Back from the beach, but still getting my bearings...

 I will be able to visit everyone later in the week, after I get caught up with work and everything. And of course, I have collected enough material to talk about vacation for weeks.  **OH MY**  I will try to make my postings short.

There's nothing like a little time away to give you a second wind.   We had a gorgeous week at a beautiful hotel with a lot going on!

For the girls the fun's not over yet.  Tonight is an indoor sleep-over in tents at Summer's karate place - Kickmasters.  They have been looking forward to it!  As for me, it's back to work on Monday.  boohoo.


Cool theaters with heaps of junk food is where you want to be on hot summer days (when you're not in the pool of course). If you ...