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I was 15 and it was my first full time job, babysitting the neighbors kids.  Theirs was about 3 houses up the street from where we lived, but the houses were spaced pretty far  apart.  
When 11:30 PM rolled around,  the little town of Eckhart was fast asleep... 
  ...Well, all except for the ghosts and goblins and resurrected bodies pulling clanging chains that followed me  while I dashed down Cemetery Road with haste  to get home safely.  
One night I came out from my 8 hour shift, ready to beat the devil home, when I 'just happened' to run into Dad, who 'just happened' to be walking our German Shepherd, and he escorted me home.  
No ghosts or goblins were there that night and all I felt was calm and safe while we walked home and talked  about our night.  
Dad must have sensed my pre-midnight fears of walking home alone, because he began showing up more and more at that exact same time.  
My gentle, quiet, hard working dad didn't need to say a word.  He didn't h…