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Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving was quiet.  

Our usual full house was empty, with just a shivering pup under an electric blanket.  

We met a few family members at the Ponderosa; oh how I appreciate the Ponderosa for cooking a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for us to enjoy!
We sat at a table in the back and it was nice.

Me: Happy Thanksgiving, Marissa.
Marissa: (excited and even shaking)   Grammy,  tomorrow Santa is going to sneak into my house and hide presents for me under the Christmas tree.  
Me: Umm, I think Mommy meant next month...  after Thanksgiving Rissie.

 She told Santa over and over again,  "please bring me a Bouncing Baby Babbles..."  

And then the real Santa showed up... 

"Santa, can you bring me a bouncing baby babbles?" Her conversation with Santa was priceless!  She gave him a big hug before he went to have his dinner at the back of the restaurant.  

It was a good day.  A quiet day.