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We Got A Gorilla

A little Gorilla trivia:
On May 9, 2014 a furniture store in Quakertown, PA received a giant 8 1/2 foot gorilla in with their shipments.  
They had not ordered a gorilla.
They did not know what to do with him!  So they sat him outside of the store.
The very next day, Gary and I saw him standing in front of the store and we fell in love with him.  Well, Gary more than me,  But anyway....  When we returned home we began to make plans.
Meanwhile.... back at the furniture store...
Big wig inspectors just happened to be making their rounds and workers had to hide the gorilla.  He wasn't supposed to be there!!  The store does not carry items that big!   ______________________ Today:  Gary received 2 things:  
1) His very first pension check from Bethlehem Steel where he worked for 29 years.   (He could retire, though he still stays semi-active in our business.)
2) Anvil, the gorilla, who will be  All About Hearing's mascot.   
   His four hour ride here was not without a little actio…